Apologies for the long delay.

So, I guess I got a little bit caught up in World Cup fever. And now I’m going through some serious withdrawal. My days for the past couple of weeks have gone like this:

6 AM — Wake up
7 AM — Watch early match (I could not get up for the 4:30 AM ones. That would have killed me.)
9:40 AM — Class
11:00 AM — Watch lunchtime match
1:10 PM — Class
4 PM — Home. Homework
6 PM — Dinner
7 PM — More homework
10 PM — Bed

Yeah. No time in there to blog. But now that the World Cup is over, I’ve got a bit more time and can catch you up on all the sports news.

First off — Diego Forlan wins the Golden Ball! I totally called that. Without Forlan, Uruguay would not have gotten as far as it did. He was clearly the leader on that team, and an absolute inspiration. I loved watching him play. Even a newbie like myself could tell that he just dominated the pitch. Kudos to you, Diego. I’m going to try to watch you with Atletico Madrid, or with whatever team picks you up, soon.

Secondly — Viva España! One of the nice things about this World Cup final was that neither Spain nor Netherlands had won before. I was rooting for the Oranjje (or however you spell it in Dutch), largely because of Wesley Sneijder. See, I’m an American football fan, and my favorite footballers were the ones who played futbòl like it was, well, football. Sneijder played like a badass. And he looks like a miniature Freddie Ljungberg. Gotta respect that.

Thirdly — Sounders. Watching MLS after watching the World Cup is so disappointing. So many missed passes and missed opportunities for goals at Sunday’s game. I was there with a friend. It was rough. They tied. Again. And they played well enough to win. At one point Zakuani was one-on-one with a defender, and did not take a shot on goal. So frustrating. But keeper Kasey Keller is awesome, and one of his saves was so amazing that the entire stadium chanted his name in unison.

Fourthly — Cliff Lee is no longer a Mariner. OK, I totally saw that one coming. We got Rangers 1B prospect Justin Smoak and some minor leaguers in the deal, including one guy who pleaded no-contest to forced sex and unlawful imprisonment of a woman. Why he is still in the Mariners minor leagues, I don’t know. Honestly, they need to release him right away. Domestic violence has no place in sports.


I hope that the Lee trade ends up being like the big trade which sent The Big Unit to the Astros and netted us Halama, Carlos Guillen and Freddy Garcia. That was a good trade. Smoak is very good, has a great name for baseball (I can’t wait to hear what Niehaus comes up with), and provides some much-needed power to our lineup. But I will miss seeing Lee in a Mariners uniform. And, as my friend Loren pointed out, the Mariners threw away a perfect opportunity to build a team around a core of two phenomenal pitchers — Felix Hernandez and Cliff Lee. True, they *could* win the Cliff Lee sweepstakes after his contract is up this season and sign him. But will they really? And can they afford him? Had the Mariners locked him up, we would have kept our killer 1-2 knockout punch and built a team around that. One of these days the Mariners Front Office has to face the music — fans are tired, dead tired, of “rebuilding.” We haven’t made the playoffs for almost 10 years. That’s a long time. The Mariners better get off their butts and start building fans a team they can actually rally around before fans lose interest and start following the boys in green (Sounders) across the street. At least the Sounders Front Office will refund fans their tickets for a poor performance against the LA Galaxy earlier this season. How many poor performances does the Mariners Front Office expect us to put up with?

Lastly — I’m going to try really hard to update this a couple times a week. Honest. But Landon’s amazing goal inspired me to learn how to play soccer. And I’m learning how to rock climb. And I’m going to climb Mt. St. Helens. So this is going to be a busy summer for yours truly. It will be fun — and sometimes, fun is all you need.

OK. The Premier League needs to start soon. I’m going through Clint Dempsey withdrawal.

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