Welcome Blaise Nkufo! Now start scoring some goals…

Blaise Nkufo, striker from the Swiss national team, is here! And boy, did he look good in rave green at Sunday’s friendly. The 6’2″ 35-year-old forward had some great touches. With he and Montero up front, the Sounders could finally have the goal-scoring tag-team we’ve been sorely missing. It’s too bad Boss got a red card in the first half – Montero came out right after, and the Sounders had to shift to a more defensive game.

I read an article yesterday that said that the Sounders have to get 24 points in the final 13 games to make the playoffs. So they need to win at least 8 games, or win 6-7 and tie the rest. Tall order. I hope they can do it.

In other soccer news, it sounds like Freddie Ljungberg may be on his way out of Seattle. Lame. He, Nkufo, and Montero on the same pitch would have been amazing.

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