Seahawks’ QB woes

The NFC West is a mess. But I’m sure you knew that. Since the NFC West went 0-4 last week, the Seahawks are amazingly still in the playoff hunt despite losing badly to Atlanta. The score at the end of the first half was 17-10. Yet Hasselbeck’s poor decision making and multiple turnovers got him benched towards the end of the 3rd quarter for Charlie Whitehurst. Whitehurst played reasonably well, managing to take the team down the field for a touchdown. But by that point it was too late. The Hawks were behind — and stayed behind — by double digits. Once again, too many Matt turnovers resulted in opposing team TDs.

So whither Seahawks? The NFC West is still within reach, and via some math too complicated for me to get into, the 49ers, Rams, and Seahawks are still in the running to host a playoff game. But it will likely be a meaningless home playoff game — I don’t see any of these three teams advancing much past the first round. However, this is football. I could be surprised.

Who do you start at quarterback for the final two games? Despite the turnovers and the broken wrist (which is likely the cause of some of his turnovers), I think Matt Hasselbeck gives the Hawks the best shot at winning their final two games. Quite frankly, some of Whitehurst’s passes had me on the edge of my seat. There’s a reason why it took this guy five years to throw a pass in the NFL. Matt’s got the experience. He’s taken this team to the playoffs multiple times, and he’s taken this team all the way to the Super Bowl. You don’t want to put the weight of this team on the shoulders of a 28-year-old quarterback who is not your quarterback of the future.

Yes, he throws a lot of interceptions. Yes, that end zone fumble just looked ugly. But the entire team has to step up if they even want a shot at the playoffs this year. Everybody has to play hard. The defense has to make some stops. This season is not all Matt’s fault. Pete Carroll deserves some of the blame. So does the front office for not drafting Matt’s successor. (Although granted, this offseason’s QB class is a much better one than last year’s.)

This is a team that’s still rebuilding. And clearly has a lot of rebuilding to do. It needs a more solid offensive line, for starters. It needs a few more big bodies on defense. It needs someone who can take over for Matt next season.

So, who would you start? The guy with the experience or The Beard? My money’s still with Matt. You can always pull him if he’s not doing well.

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  1. Smiley

    Matt, but barely. Matt’s time is coming to an end, and I’m not yet confident that Whitehurst is ready for the show.

    Given that his contract ends this season, the other interesting question is: do you re-sign Matt, and if so for how long? I think he’ll start the last two games and he’ll be playing for his future here in Seattle. But best case scenario: he wins both games, takes us to the playoffs, and gets a 1-year deal. If his next two games are like his last two games (8 turnovers), he’s not getting any deal.

    The problem is, I’m not convinced that quarterback is our most glaring need. Yes we need a better O-line, but we also need receivers. A big problem is that our receiving core isn’t able to get open or make plays. We still also need some big guys up front on defense and out on the corners. We had a good starting D-line, but depth was a problem. And when we got injuries, that depth problem has proven to be a serious liability. I think we’re OK at linebacker (not great, but not bad) and we’re OK at safety.

    G, T, TE, WR, DT/DE, CB,and QB. Which to pick first? Say we finish 7-9. We’ll get 15th or so pick. Will we really get a good QB with the 15th pick? Would you rather take an OK quarterback or a really good wide-receiver? I don’t know.

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