Community Shield Match

These Sounders look ready to start the season! The first half saw more of those troubling defensive lapses. James Riley made a pretty sweet header to save a goal Keller wouldn’t have been able to get to. US Men’s National Teamer Brad Evans (hearby known as USMNT Brad Evans) was sprinting all over the place, although it was hard to tell if there was much point to all his sprinting. We couldn’t get a good answer out of fellow Sounders fan Justin why USMNT Brad Evans is his favorite player on the team.

Many times, I wish Blaise Nkufo has been a bit faster. He’s so slow that it looked difficult for speedsters like Zakuani to set him up. Zak or Fernandez would try to pass the ball to him, and we just knew he was never going to get to it. Sigh. It’ll be interesting to see how long he sticks around, with O’Brien White here. White’s definitely much faster, and is a very skilled player.

Jhon Kennedy Hurtado’s header was an amazing goal. He seemed to come out of nowhere, fly up over a bunch of maroon jerseys, and smack the ball right into the goal. Awesome.

I’m still learning how to “speak soccer,” so apologies if my analysis isn’t as insightful as y’all would like. I’m as much a fan of the game as anybody, but nuances still escape me. And I tend to get distracted by the chants of the ECS, whom my date found rather entertaining. My season tickets are right behind the ECS, and I know I’m going to be torn between watching and chanting with them and watching the game.

We had great seats, down on the 50 yard line. It stayed dry until about the 75th minute. And then the heavens opened up. All the clothes I was wearing got super soaked. We felt like die-hards, standing there in the pouring rain. Thank goodness the Sounders won!

Fredy Montero was on fire. I like to see him get going before the season starts. He apparently wanted to put on a show for Colombian pop star Juanes (who was in the stands). And boy, he did. Scored two goals in the second half. Great form. If he can stay strong for us at the beginning of the season, it’ll be awesome.

A bunch of players are going to have to step up. Evans is out with a pulled hamstring for 1-3 weeks. He’s replaceable, so I’m not too worried. More worrisome was the loss of Steve Zakuani, my own favorite player, towards the end of the match. I didn’t see the injury, but he was down on the turf for a while. Apparently it’s his hip. Hopefully he isn’t out for too long. Looks like Tetteh and Friberg will be seeing more time with both Evans and Zak out. They’re both good players, but Zak’s got more experience and is, in my own humble opinion, one of the better midfielders in the MLS.

Fucito will be out 3-6 weeks with his injury. Everybody root for him to come back healthy and strong! We love you Mike Fucito!

All in all, it was a fun game. Good luck against LA and Houston, Sounders! I’ll be back in the stands in April. My next update will be from England, as Dave and I recap the Chelsea-Man City match! Cheers!

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