Sshhh…the Mariners are winning!

Don’t look now, but the Seattle Mariners are actually playing some decent baseball. Ever since Eric Wedge chewed them out for not playing up to their capability, the team has gone 8-4. They’ve benefited from some lights out pitching (Pinieda is AWESOME!) and some situational hitting. Mariners hitters have just been eating up relievers lately. And they seem to like hitting against Detroit. Particularly against Phil Coke.

My hope is that the Ms manage to take two out of three from Boston this weekend and come home from an awesome road trip. It’s going to be a tough series against Texas when they come home, but hopefully the Texas bats won’t be as potent in chilly Seattle. The White Sox are slumping. A 3-3 homestand isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

It would be interesting to me to see a graph of the Ms team batting average at home and on the road. Are they a better road team because Safeco is a pitcher’s ballpark?

I’ve been listening to most of the games now. Rizzs, I love to hear you call a game. No offense, buddy, but it’s just not the same without Dave. It doesn’t help that some of the broadcasters the Mariners have you working with are just awful. Ken Levine wasn’t so bad. And I kinda liked hearing Hendu. But one more game of “Captain Obvious” Ron Fairly and I swear I’m going to destroy my radio.


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2 responses to “Sshhh…the Mariners are winning!

  1. David Smiles Lee

    I think Levine has been the best of the replacements so far (although I didn’t hear Buhner do a full game). But that’s a pretty bad sign because he’s really not very good. He’s got potential, but he lacks passion. He says a game, he doesn’t call a game. Maybe I’ve just been horribly spoiled between Niehaus and Rizz.

  2. Totally with you about Levine. Buhner does pretty good color commentary. I’d listen to him and Rizzs full time. Dan Wilson was just awful, but maybe he was having an off night.

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