About Anna

Sportsology is run by Anna Batie, a die-hard baseball and football fan who often finds herself in the center of a group of folks, talking sports. A lifelong Mariners fan, Anna wrote her Whitman College bachelor’s thesis on the Mariners fan community. Her initial foray into sociology led her to a Master’s degree at the University of Washington where the Balkans distracted her from her true love, sports. When Ken Griffey Jr. retired in 2010, Anna finally decided that she did not want to be a college professor, and that she had to follow her dream and and start writing about sports. Considering that she needs money to keep herself alive, she is also studying to become a middle school teacher. This blog is her sportswriting outlet. She hopes to turn it into a book one day.

Anna’s thesis, “Sodo Mojo — A Sociological Look at Seattle Baseball Culture,” was published on microfim by the University of Oregon press in 2005. It is widely available at many colleges and universities.

Anna still lives in the beautiful city of Seattle. Unfortunately, this makes her a fan of Seattle sports teams. She’s already waiting for next year.