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Seattle Saturday Roundup 4/30

I’m going to try to actually make sports blogging a regular activity, since I often find myself talking about sports with folks. I just don’t have the discipline to sit down and write out my thoughts at the computer all the time. From henceforth, I will try to write a new post here once a week. Getting on Twitter helps when following sports. 🙂

Had a couple of exciting things happen in the Seattle sports world today. It was day 3, and, I believe, the final day of the NFL draft. The Seahawks primarily bolstered their O Line during the draft. I think James Carpenter was a good first round selection. Our right and left tackles are going to be beasts, and that will do wonders for our running game. However, wouldn’t Carpenter have been available in Round 2? He was so far under the radar that most folks were surprised when the Hawks picked him.

I’m a little disconcerted that the Seahawks did not pick a QB this time. Happened to catch Trent Dilfer’s commentary on ESPN radio yesterday, and he thinks the Hawks should have drafted a quarterback. Charlie “Clipboard Jesus” Whitehurst is not a good longterm solution for the Hawks, and this will likely be Matt Hasselbeck’s last year. Dilfer thinks the Hawks missed out on a potential NFL quarterback in TCU’s Andy Dalton. We’ll see.

This draft class may be wasted, anyway, because of the NFL lockout. All of these college players aren’t getting the training or the coaching they’ll need to survive the NFL. It could end up being very difficult for them to transition as a result.

Moving away from the NFL to the other league that plays at Qwest, the MLS — how ’bout them Sounders? What an emotional win today. USMNT Brad Evans and Alvaro “El Flaco” Fernandez were all over the pitch. Flaco, in particular, looked great. He’s really stepped it up. Seeing 36,000 fans holding #11 cards in the 11th minute for Steve Zakuani made me choke up. I hope someone recorded that or took pictures to send to Zak. We’re now tied with RSL for 2nd in the Western Conference, which is just awesome.

It will be interesting to see what happens when we play a competitive opponent. Toronto kinda sucks right now. We were making mincemeat of their defense. How will the team play against Columbus or the Timbers? We’ve got some tough opponents coming up. We’re going to miss the speedy Steve Zakuani. Rosales should be back soon, and will get more playing time with White and Zak both out. Hopefully White will come back as well — although Nate Jaqua surely proved able to fill his shoes today. Nate had some good shots on goal.

Last but not least, the Mariners. Believe it or not, the Ms are going for another sweep tomorrow! Fister pitched a gem today, and it sounds like the Ms took advantage of some breaks. Finishing 12-15 after starting out so poorly — hey, I’ll take it. As my awesome boyfriend and fellow die-hard Mariners fan put it “Nice to see them show a little heart.” This team is playing like it’s possessed. Whatever Eric Wedge said to them to make them go 8-4…well, he needs to keep saying it when they’re slumping. While I don’t think they’re going to make the playoffs by any stretch of the imagination — way too many holes in the offense — this team could very well break .500 ball. If they keep Felix and Pineida, and build around them as the core, we could be seeing some very good baseball in Seattle in the not-so-distant future. Hands off, Yankees. Felix is ours and there’s no way in hell you’re getting him.

Peace Out. Got an early Mariners game (10:35 our time) tomorrow I don’t really want to miss!

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Two months without blogging? Really?

Have I really not updated this for two months? Sorry sports fans. Grad school and work got to me, and I just haven’t had time! I promise a new, longer blog post soon.

This sportsologist has some exciting news. I’m going to Europe over Spring Break! And my buddy Dave and I got tickets to go see some Chelsea football! GO BLUES! We had to pay for a half season’s membership in order to even have a chance to buy tickets. It’s a racket, if you ask me. Is demand for Chelsea really that high? We’ll be taking in all the action from The Shed end. I promise I will write a blog post about it. How can I not?

Hope all you soccer fans are enjoying some Champions League action! Did you catch Barca-Arsenal last week? That game was absolutely AMAZING! We watched it in a bar, and I found myself rooting for Arsenal by the end of it. If you missed the first game, the second is coming up in a couple of weeks. It’s in Barcelona. Should be broadcast at 11:45 Pacific Time. Many Seattle area bars will have it.

What else folks? Sounders preseason is underway, and the Cascadia Cup is in a week! The organization really dropped the ball on tickets. My friend Sabrina and I were both trying to get tickets — she was successful, I was not. You betcha I’m going to be there, rooting for the Sounders to destroy Portland! Dave and I managed to get season tickets. We have to miss the first two games for the Europe trip. Come on over and give us a holler this season — we’ll be catching all the action from Section 125 row HH seats 1 and 2.

The 7-9 Seahawks won their playoff game in January. Marshawn Lynch’s touchdown run shook the earth. It was awesome. Go on Youtube and find the video of Lynch running to the Super Mario Brothers theme song. Hilarious!

The Mariners are at Spring Training. I’m having a hard time getting excited about baseball this season. Maybe it’s because I have Sounders tickets, or maybe it’s because Dave Niehaus is no longer with us (Rest In Peace, Dave). The last I read about them, they have a tall pitching staff. Intersquad games are beginning today.

How ’bout them Huskies? Husky men’s basketball is having a good season. They won’t win the Pac-10 due to some ill-timed losses to Arizona, but they’ve still been fun to watch.

And last but not least, I gotta give a shoutout to my alma mater. The Whitman College Fighting Missionaries won their first ever playoff game. Should they win tomorrow, they’re bound for the NCAA Div III basketball tourney. That deserves an enthusiastic MISSIONARIES MISSIONARIES WE’RE ON TOP!!!

More soon. I promise. I’ll come up for air.

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Seahawks’ QB woes

The NFC West is a mess. But I’m sure you knew that. Since the NFC West went 0-4 last week, the Seahawks are amazingly still in the playoff hunt despite losing badly to Atlanta. The score at the end of the first half was 17-10. Yet Hasselbeck’s poor decision making and multiple turnovers got him benched towards the end of the 3rd quarter for Charlie Whitehurst. Whitehurst played reasonably well, managing to take the team down the field for a touchdown. But by that point it was too late. The Hawks were behind — and stayed behind — by double digits. Once again, too many Matt turnovers resulted in opposing team TDs.

So whither Seahawks? The NFC West is still within reach, and via some math too complicated for me to get into, the 49ers, Rams, and Seahawks are still in the running to host a playoff game. But it will likely be a meaningless home playoff game — I don’t see any of these three teams advancing much past the first round. However, this is football. I could be surprised.

Who do you start at quarterback for the final two games? Despite the turnovers and the broken wrist (which is likely the cause of some of his turnovers), I think Matt Hasselbeck gives the Hawks the best shot at winning their final two games. Quite frankly, some of Whitehurst’s passes had me on the edge of my seat. There’s a reason why it took this guy five years to throw a pass in the NFL. Matt’s got the experience. He’s taken this team to the playoffs multiple times, and he’s taken this team all the way to the Super Bowl. You don’t want to put the weight of this team on the shoulders of a 28-year-old quarterback who is not your quarterback of the future.

Yes, he throws a lot of interceptions. Yes, that end zone fumble just looked ugly. But the entire team has to step up if they even want a shot at the playoffs this year. Everybody has to play hard. The defense has to make some stops. This season is not all Matt’s fault. Pete Carroll deserves some of the blame. So does the front office for not drafting Matt’s successor. (Although granted, this offseason’s QB class is a much better one than last year’s.)

This is a team that’s still rebuilding. And clearly has a lot of rebuilding to do. It needs a more solid offensive line, for starters. It needs a few more big bodies on defense. It needs someone who can take over for Matt next season.

So, who would you start? The guy with the experience or The Beard? My money’s still with Matt. You can always pull him if he’s not doing well.

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Favre’s streak ends

Brett Favre did not start on Monday night, even though he had an extra day to recover from a shoulder injury. His starting streak was the longest among active players in the NFL. It ended at 297.

Love or hate the guy (and Favre usually elicits a strong reaction), this is a pretty incredible feat. Football is a brutal sport. For Favre to start 297 games…he’s a warrior.

Oh, and if you get a chance, Google the Metrodome collapse video. It’s intense!

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Rainy Sunday Sports Roundup

It’s pouring outside. It’s raining so hard that I’m actually thinking about wearing my gaiters when I go grocery shopping later today. Or maybe I’ll skip the farmer’s market because it’s so nasty out.

Here are a couple of points for your Rainy Sunday Sports Roundup.

1. The Seahawks are 6-6, with four games left. My prediction is that they finish 9-7 and redeem themselves for that awful loss at St. Louis earlier in the season. The Hawks should easily win the division. It helps that they play in the worst division in football. Should they win the division, they’ll have a home playoff game, but I doubt they’ll go much further than the first round. There are way too many holes in that roster.

2. Things we’ve learned about the Seahawks thus far.
Mike Williams is awesome. Except he’s been hurt a lot. But he’s still awesome.
Leon Washington can return kicks and punts like nobody’s business.
Hasselbeck still has it. I hope he returns next season. Charlie Whitehurst is nowhere near ready to be an NFL starter.
When Russell Okung is actually healthy, the Seahawks have a running game. Too bad this hasn’t been the case for much of the games this season.
The defense started out promising, but has returned to it’s horrifying inability to tackle. You have no idea how many times I’ve yelled “will you please tackle him?!?” at the TV screen.
Earl Thomas is so fast Brett Favre didn’t get a chance to unretire.
Pete Carroll’s return to the NFL has largely been a success. It’ll be interesting to see how the rest of this season plays out.

3. The Mariners were a bust at the winter meetings. An absolute bust. Miguel Olivo and Jack Cust? Please. If you’re looking for a catcher who can hit, it’s not Olivo. He was terrible with the Mariners, and I don’t expect him to be any better now. Cust has more of an upside as a DH, but can’t play the field. The Mariners won’t get any better until they get the Bavasi signings off their payroll. We’re shelling out millions to players who can’t play (like Carlos Silva).

4. Whither Cliff Lee? The Cliff Lee sweepstakes are in full swing, with teams throwing money at the Cy Young winner like it’s going out of style. Lee should choose between offers thrown at him by the Yankees and the Rangers tomorrow. I hope he picks the Rangers. He helped them get to their first World Series. Besides, when the Rangers played the Yankees in the playoffs at Yankee Stadium, Lee’s wife was the target of fan ridicule. She had stuff thrown on her and at her. If I was Lee’s wife, I’d be really pissed if he picked the Yankees. I’d think “really, honey? I know it’s a lot of money, but you’re going to go play for the team whose fans threw crap at me and called me names?” Nuh uh. No way.

5. Brett Favre is old, and may actually miss a game. This throws his starting streak into question. However, the Vikings game against the Giants has been pushed back until tomorrow night, as the Giants are stuck in Kansas City due to bad weather. Could this make a difference? Will the old warrior live to throw again? We’ll see. Personally, I’m tired of Brett Favre. He should have retired (and stayed retired) last year.

6. Huskies have a bowl game. Too bad it’s against Nebraska again. I hope we don’t get killed.

7. BCS title game is a matchup of Auburn and Oregon. I’m rooting for the Ducks because they’re in the Pac-10. Cool that a Pac-10 team got into the title game!

8. The Huskies have a pretty good basketball team. We were ranked #20 as of last week, but a one-point loss to Texas A&M will likely push us out of the top 25. No worries, though. The team has so much talent they’ll rebound (ha!) and find their way into the top 25 again.

9. Dave Niehaus to get a statue at Safeco Field. Fitting that the first statue at Safeco Field will be of our beloved long-time broadcaster, who died of a heart attack on November 10th. I know I’ll be crying like a baby when I turn on the radio to listen to Spring Training in February and realize I won’t hear Dave’s voice. As Rick Rizzs pointed out at the memorial yesterday, Tom Hanks had it wrong. There is crying in baseball.

Stay dry, folks!

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Reggie Bush, Sanctions

Brock and Salk said on ESPN 710 today that like Reggie Bush may have to give back his Heisman trophy as a result of NCAA violations at USC. It’s up to the Heisman Trophy trust — a committee of eight people that makes the Heisman award each year.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. His reputed relationship with an agent definitely violated NCAA rules, but should his Heisman be taken away? OJ Simpson still has his Heisman trophy.

In addition, USC will lose 30 football scholarships and a two-year bowl ban. Like the sanctions the UW experienced, this will decimate its football program for years beyond the sanctions. It hampers recruitment.

In other words, USC’s sanctions are good for Husky sports fans. With arguably the conference’s best football program hampered, our Dawgs could rise to the top.

No further defections from the Big 12 that I know about. Stay tuned.

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Big Sanctions for USC

USC’s major violations have apparently led to some big sanctions. Reportedly, USC will face a two-year bowl ban and the loss of more than 20 football scholarships.,0,7548894.story

Bad news for USC fans. Great news for UW fans. One less team in our way! Granted, though, the Pac-10 may not exist as we know it.

Should Nebraska leave the Big 12, it could create a domino effect. The Pac-10 could expand to include teams like Texas, Oklahoma, and Texas A&M. The Pac-16 superconference would become really fun to watch.

I’m trying to follow all this talk of realignment and its effect on college sports, but I’ll admit it leaves me a little lost. Those of you who have been following this issue more closely — what are the pros and cons of expansion? And whither Boise State? Should they or should they not become a BCS team?

More tomorrow.


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